"This is Durio's Lil Blue Butch, this exotic bull is one of the best best you'll find!! He is out of our girl Moo Moo and Poppas Blue Ice of Spencermans Bullies and is a fourth generation Durio exotic Bulldog! Like his mother Moo Moo this guy is the most compact, shortest bull we have seen with super thick bone! This bull is just as short as Moo Moo with a bigger head and a wider chest spread.....WOW!!!! Unfortunately Butch passed away from an accident and we miss him dearly!! Thank God I had him collected and I've got 10 straws off of him frozen!! We are just waiting to for the right time to use him in our program. Straws from Butch are not for sale! Lil Blue Butch will never be forgotten and his offspring will live on in our program.

This is Flex "The Tank" Dempsy and he came to us from Waters Bulldogs, he is the foundation father of our Durio Alternative Bulldog program. All of our Durio Bulldogs can be traced directly to Flex. Flex is a super genetic freak Bulldog with a 24.5 inch head and weighing in at a a solid 89 pounds with extra thick Bully bone and wide as a Mack truck!! This boy can work a tire spring pole for hours and he loves to work! Flex is a prover producer of black, black tri and champagne freak bulls!! Flex throws his super bully good looks in all of his pups and is a super producer of very bully, thick pups. We would not be where we are today if it was not for Flex!! Flex is a very special boy here at BULKED UP BULLIES, in our opinion none out there better than Flex!! STRAWS