This is Durio's Juicy our 4th generation Durio Exotic Bulldog and this girl is something else!! She is a Toy Bulldogs Dopey granddaughter, Dopey is probably the thickest and widest AKC English Bulldog I have ever seen! This girl is a mini standing only 12 inches tall and wide AF! Super bully head and compact as hell with the drive of a Bull! She is the daughter of Batgirl X Stumpy, a Dopey son. be on the lookout for this girl's first breeding coming soon, it will be one for the books!!  

This is our exotic mini Bull Durio's "Elsie" AKA "Moo Moo". Moo Moo carries blue, black and tan! This little lady is the daughter of Voodoo and is a 3rd generation Durio Exotic Bulldog. This girl is so freaking compact with heavy bone and a huge block head, she was our pick from the legendary Voodoo X Echo breeding. This girl is sure to shine here at BULKED UP BULLIES and we are confident that she is one of best Bulldogs in the country period!!!! Moo Moo is only 12 inches tall but is so thick and so wide, this girl blows me away every time I look at her!! She has the chest spread and shoulders that rivals most male Bulldogs!! This Bulldog is a product of a very well thought out breeding between two top quality Bulldogs, I have to pat myself on the back for the creation of this girl!!! You will not find a more compact girl with the thickness of Moo Moo!!

  This is Batgirl our exotic female who is very extreme and well built! She is the daughter of Durio's Voodoo x Ozzy Bear and thinks she runs the world! She is compact and wide with a very short back and she has that bowed front that is much sought after in the exotic dog world! We produced this girl and just acquired her a few months ago and are very pleased with her! This girl will produced the style of dogs everyone wants and brags about! We have major plans for Batgirl!  
  This is Durio's Oracle, a daughter of Voodoo x Ozzy Bear and she is super bad!! This female carries a lot of mass and bulk on her 15 inch frame and has a huge block head!! She carries blue, black and tan and is a vital part of our Durio Exotic Bulldog program. She has an awesome temperament and she just loves everyone she meets. Be on the lookout for breeding's in the future with this bad azz girl!  
  "This is Daisy Mae who is our AKC Bulldog, Daisy is super compact and very bully and comes from champion lines! Daisy is a gene blue carrier and one hell of a Bulldog, she is super sweet and just loves everybody. In my eyes Daisy is a perfect English Bulldog specimen, super short and very well built with a temperament second to none!! We are proud to own Daisy and have top notch breedings lined up for this girl!!